Seizure and Unmet Emotional Needs

Topics: Seizure, Epilepsy, Seizure types Pages: 45 (7130 words) Published: September 12, 2013

Inclusive Education B

Question 1:

1. A learner who rubs his eyes excessively, shuts or covers his eyes, experiences a hearing


2. Learners suffering from albinism should sit in a darker place in the classroom, away from the windows - correct!

3. The type of eye condition & the amount of residual vision would not determine the

assistance given to a learner in class

Question 2:

1. Deafness is definitely not hereditary – it is caused by e.g. learners having forced strange

objects in their ears, which damaged the ear drum

2. Learners suffering from sensory neural hearing loss will be totally unable to hear in noisy


3. A learner who cannot understand the teacher if the teacher’s head is turned away or the

teacher’s lips are covered, suffer from a visual impairment as he or she cannot lip read what

the teacher says

Question 3:

1. According to the DSMIV Manual, a learner with an IQ score of 50/55 to about 70, is regarded

as mildly intellectually disabled

2. Learners who experience intellectual barriers are inclined not to be anxious & stressed up,

as for most of the time, they live in their own world & they are not conscious of what happens

around them

3. It is a useless effort by the teacher to try & stimulate the learner who is intellectually

impaired, to overcome problems with short-term memory

###Question 4: here its right but in the marking sheet I’ve got 1 & its marked wrong!!

1. Paraplegia is an ability to move & an absence of sensation in the lower limbs

2. Cerebral palsy is caused by an underdevelopment of or damage to certain parts of the brain

concerned with movement

3. It is not generally accepted today that not all physically disabled learners necessarily require

special schools

Question 5:

1. In order to classify an epileptic seizure, it is not necessary to identify which part of the brain is

effected – it is more important to assist the learner

2. Petit mal is the type of seizure where the learner does not lose consciousness – he or she can

hear the teacher & peers who are surrounding him, talking

3. Teachers must prevent learners from falling, if they detect the warning signs of a possible


Question 6:

1. If the culture of a teacher & a learner differ, it will not be difficult to understand the learner

understand one another

2. Teachers’ communication with learners with a language barrier should occur only in the form of

instructions e.g. “ put away your books”

3. The teacher must take the limitations of the learner’s language barrier into account

Question 7:

1. The term “learning difficulties” implies the problems which learners experience with regard to

their academic subjects

2. Learning difficulties are caused by emotional problems only

3. Visual or hearing barriers do not impact on learners experiencing learning difficulties

Question 8:

1. Pringle maintains that unmet emotional needs like the need to be loved, need for security, for

responsibility, new experiences & the need to be praised & recognized, trigger behaviour


2. Regression takes place when a learner is trying to copy an adult role model, while identifying

with the role model

3. Ignoring is not a very effective strategy & is easy to implement

Question 9:

1. Spoken language barriers manifest when the learner uses long sentences with complicated


2. If learners speak a type of baby talk, the parent must be involved

3. The frequent use of pictures, models, excursions & activities, will confuse the learner

Question 10:

1. A counsellor should not possess the following inborn qualities” a rational approach, sense of

humour as it can act as a hindrance to the professional relationship with a learner

2. The counselling contract is one way of getting learners to do...
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