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Topics: Marketing, Psychographic, Netherlands Pages: 3 (648 words) Published: November 6, 2008
2.1 Segmentation

What is market segmentation? It means, dividing the market into distinct groups of buyers in order to set a product in it and define the marketing mixes. This means, that everyone has got different needs and wants, so it is necessary to segment the market. There are different variables, which can be used to segment a market.

2.1.1Geographical segmentation

Geographical segmentation includes the region, where the customers come from. We target on the whole of the Netherlands and not just on one province or city. The countries population is about 16 million people including urban, suburban and rural parts. We focus on all big business companies of the MICE market within the Netherlands. There is a number of leading multinational concerns in the Netherlands for example Shell (Royal Dutch Petroleum), Philips (electronics), Unilever (foods, and other), Heineken (beer), Ahold (retail), ABN AMRO (international banking), ING (international banking and insurance), AKZO (chemicals).

2.1.2Demographic segmentation

Demographic segmentation means that you divide the market into segments such as age, gender, income, occupation and education etc. We are focusing on a very wide field, people in average around 25 to 55, male and female, an average income as well as an average education. Our developed package deal is suitable for every kind of person coming from any social background what makes our product unique! Nevertheless we focus on the major big companies because they have the budget to finance business trips more easily.

2.1.4 Psychographic segmentation

Psychographic segmentation selects potential markets by social class, lifestyle and personal characteristics. We can regard that business people who are interested in our package deal probably be upper-middle class or lower-upper class, eager to educate them while having fun.

2.2 Target group

We created a package deal concentrating on the incentive market. We want to provide...
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