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Reena R. PerezRetail Management MTH 10:30-12
MM09208Prof. Nuqui

Segment, Profile and Target Market of the following stores:

The brand continues its growth with an emphasis on quality, service and cleanliness, pioneering concepts such as partial table service and self-serve beverage bars. The introduction of the signature Six Dollar Burger™ in 2001 marks the latest Carl's Jr.® advance in the quick-service industry, confirming the chain's constant emphasis on product innovation and representing a desire to satisfy the tastes of young, hungry consumers.

Who: male and female consumers between the ages of 18 – 25 with an average education level of a high school graduate or higher and a income level of $25000 - $65000. This also includes family consumers who typically consist of married or single parents with 1- 4 stay at home children and roughly $1300 of disposable income that is usually spent at QSR’s. Common lifestyle characteristics include parents who work full time and who are not always able to prepare a meal for their family, households where 3 of the four people in a typical family do not know how to cook, consumers who spend 71% of their time or more outside the house, consumers who spend a majority of their time in busy high traffic districts of the city and teenagers between the age of 15 – 19 who work full or part time jobs and or go to school full time. Consumers in this target market regularly make purchases at QSR’s 1 – 2 times a week and expect healthier more nutritious meal options such as specialty salads, deli style sandwiches and grilled chicken sandwiches.

What: The overall nature of the message would be image intensive with a majority of advertisements directed toward tv, print (including coupons etc.) and internet banners/stream videos.

Where: The target market exists mainly in suburban areas, high traffic business districts and in some rural areas of Canada. The weight of the media funding would be allocated primarily based on this info and population patterns.

When: Since a majority of ads will be spent on tv, commercials would be aired Monday to Friday from 3pm to 10:30pm, playing 3, 40 second commercials in an hour. On weekends commercials would air from 11:00am to 10:00pm, 2 times an hour.

How: By using the profile-matching strategy in all chosen forms of media Carl’s Jr. would be able to achieve the desired regional coverage needed to successfully launch into the Canadian market. This effort combined with ‘skip’ schedule advertising will generate awareness, interest and trial purchase

Endorsements is a technique that Carl’s Jr. has already used somewhat successfully and could continue to do so by getting endorsements from celebrities that would be easily recognized and accepted by the target audience. This would include Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker who could add to the presentation with sexually blatant appeals that could be easily “confused” with benefits of the product. Such as an ad where one of the above celebrities would mention how they have met someone who gives them everything they want and keeps them satisfied with his “big…., thick…., so large I can barely get both hands on it…..”, these references would of course be toward Carl’s Jr. and the size of their new ‘Six Dollar’ Jalapeño burger. Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant could also be used to target the segment of customers who may be more influenced by the endorsements of professional athletes and their reference to the amount of meat found in the premier burger. With this type of commercial we would also introduce taglines and slogans to complete the message. For the ad endorsed by an attractive female celebrity the tagline would be “If we can get her this HOT, imagine what we can do for you.” this would introduce the Jalapeño burger as a spicy meal to consumers who prefer a ‘kick’ to their food. The slogan used for the entire advertising campaign would...
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