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1. Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 2. Literature Review-------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-3 3. Research Methodology-------------------------------------------------------------------------4-5 4. Finding-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6-8 5. Discussion and Recommendation------------------------------------------------------------8-9 6. Conclusion-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 7. Transcript-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10-12 Reference--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13

1. Introduction
Segi Subang is one of the branches of the Segi Education group. They specialize in teaching college students and university students from all countries. Partnering with few well known international Universities and having courses from Certificates all up to P.H.D’s, Segi has received a 6 star excellence reward a couple of years ago from the government. Segi Subang may not be the main campus (Segi Kota Damansara), but what is thought here is different from anything out there. Most students go to college just for a degree, but Segi Subang offers a chance to experience the joy in learning and teaches aspects on what learnt can be applied in the future long run. Although being a small campus, offering limited courses and specialties, but no other colleges can compare to the dedication and passion of the lecturers in teaching their students to become a successful citizen that contributes to our country. Yes, we see many many well known colleges out there such as Taylor’s, Inti and KDU, but what makes students happy to be in Segi. As many students go for the name and popularity of the college among the students, I believe students in Segi are in the college because they enjoy learning here with competent lecturers and the environment is based for learning students that prefer books rather than just a fancy name. The reason why We as a group chose this topic is to open the eyes of our juniours, that overlooking the low fees of the college and other similar factors, Segi is te best choice as a University as there are many factors influencing it Awesome structure. This essay is proof of a survey conducted amongst the students of Segi Subang Jaya on why they chose this college.

2. Literature Review
2.1 Student
Student can be a major factor to research on while conducting this survey. These factors of Students were analyzed through interviews and were identified by their background overall and reasons why they chose the of the business course program in Segi. The location of the student who is living now can be the reason of why the student is choosing to study on that college. The nearer of the student whom are staying to the college, the choice of choosing the college will become higher. Not only that, the academic program which the colleges have may also affect the student decision. Whether the interests of the student are fit to the college and affect the student to choose the college. College reputation might also a factor attracted the student to study in the particular college. Whether the college provided career opportunities, Student often make college choice based on existing job opportunities for graduates. People are interested in outcomes, and they are influence by what the graduates are doing, what graduate schools they attend and contributions that they are contribute in the society. Lastly, advertising of the college through media for example, television, radios, online, are also factors that influence the student. 2.2 Lecturer

Lecturers are main factor attracted by the student. Most of the student will choose the college or university based on the reputation...

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