Segerfeldt's Private Water Saves Lives and Postel's The Missing Piece a Water Ethical: Article Comparison

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Water is the protection of life. Many countries are lack of water ,and many people do not know how to cherish water in our country .A lot of people to waste water every day, since all of them just take it for granted. We should consider that Water- poor countries are faced with the seriousness of water problem and how much water they can handle, and are also focused at how to adopt measures to facilitate a continuous supply of clean water to developing countries.

On August 25, 2005, Fredrik Segerfeldt contributed an article entitled, “Private Water Saves Lives”. Segerfeldt focus as on poor people who cannot access water since most of them live in remote areas(294). This contributes to poverty, the spread of waterborne diseases and an increased rate of death. This is different from what happens globally whereby people can easily access water without any shortage. It was estimated that more than 8% of the water within the remote areas is used for the purpose of human consumption . The main reason behind this is the issue of poor governance and the policies established to safeguard the use of water (294). Another article is entitled "The Missing Piece A Water Ethical" by Sandral Postel , whereby the problem of water is dealt with great care in that constructions have been done to ensure that people can access water for their daily consumption and also carry out economic activities like irrigation(301). More supply centers have been established to conserve and recycle water in order to avoid water shortages. More stations to preserve water to promote irrigation and human consumption have been prepared globally since water is available in every homestead (301).Both articles deal with the issue of the water crisis and can be compared and contrasted by using the criteria of claim, evidence, and each author’s purpose. This can be done most effectively by comparing and contrasting...
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