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3 Title Proposal of Group 4
(B. S. Info. Tech. III - B)

1.Attendance Monitoring System (AMS)
*This type of system is a system which monitors the attendance of all the students entering the room every day by logging on to the system using their ID numbers. This will help a lot to the teachers for precise, efficient and correct information about getting the attendance of the student because they will no longer check the attendance, which very time consuming thing for the teachers, and at the end of the day, what they will do is to get the report generated by the system where they can see and notice who are the students that is absent on that day.

2.Book Logger System (BLS)
*This type of system is an upgraded version of the book borrowing system of the library. We had proposed this type of system in order to have an efficient and reliable system of the school library, wherein every book will have a bar code and this will help a lot because the students will no longer write on the paper at the back of the book for identification of those who borrowed it because the system itself will record all the things about the book and all the happenings inside the library.

3.Point-of-Sales System (POS)
*This type of system is a very old type of system. This is a combination of Inventory System and the Point-of-Sales System, itself. This system is a very broad type of system where requires a lot of time to finish.

1.Mark Allen Margallo
2.Katherine Romero
3.Romel Nuñal
4.Junard Durangparang
5.Weldy Grace Austria
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