Seeking a Job

Topics: Motivation, Locus of control, Employment Pages: 4 (1534 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Seeking a new job

I currently work for the City. I started my employment with the City on October 31, 2011. I have worked in three different departments during my tenure with the City. I worked in the Accounting Department, Office of Emergency Services and finally for the past five years I have worked for the Police Department. I find working for the City to be busy and rewarding at times, but most of the time I find it to be boring and repetitive. According to David McClelIand’s needs theory, my current position is not meeting my manifest need for achievement which “encompasses excellence, competition, challenging goals, persistence and overcoming difficulties” (79). Currently there is no opportunity for me to advance as I recently discovered when I applied for a Senior Analyst position and was told that I did not qualify due to the fact that I do not have a bachelor’s degree. That was the catalyst for me to go back to school to acquire my degree so that I would have an opportunity for advancement. I am interested in starting a new position for a different organization that offers an opportunity for advancement. My ideal work environment would be to find a position with another government organization that offers more income, is closer to my home, and also offers an environment that stimulates and motivates me as an employee. I know that this will be difficult to find, but I will be diligent until I find my ideal position.

One of the most important extrinsic motivating factors that is causing me to seek a new position is acquiring a higher salary. As described by Frederick Herberg’s two factor theory, my concern about salary is both a hygiene factor and a motivation factor. This is the only element that falls under both factors. As described in our text, “Motivation factors relate to job satisfaction and hygiene factors relate to job dissatisfaction” (81). Due to the fact that my salary has been cut by fifteen percent over the past five years and...

Cited: Nelson, Debra L & Quick, James Campbell. “Orgb 3.” 2013, 2011 South-Western, a part of Cengage Learning.
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