Seeing Is Believing

Topics: Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, James Van Praagh Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: November 15, 2006
Seeing is Believing
It was a hectic day in the office and you have just lain down for the night. The bed feels as if it has sucked every ounce of energy out of you as soon as you lay down. Seconds after your head hits the pillow you are in a deep sleep. You are suddenly awakened by sounds coming from your kitchen. You quietly slip into your bedroom shoes and tiptoe towards the stairs. Your mind is racing and your heart feels as though it would leap out of your chest. Did you lock the back door; was the living room window open when you drifted off? You grab old umbrella as you past by the front door and enter the kitchen. Pots and pans are strewn all over the floor the contents of the cookie jar were in the sink. A sickening feeling rises up in your throat as you survey the room. Your eyes rest on a figure sitting at the kitchen table. You are flooded with relief when you realize it is a harmless old man. Maybe he is lost.. As you begin to talk to the man you realize something you would never imagine would happen to you. You were talking to a dead man.

This situation is not uncommon in the life of CBS's Ghost Whisperer, Melinda Gordon. Melinda is an individual who can see and hear those who have died but have yet to "walk into the light" or move on to a higher plane. Most of us can not imagine a life such as that. A life dealing with the supernatural and unknown on the daily basis is a undesirable burden for most of us.

Hobson 2
Whispers in the dark, shadows out of the corner of your eye, unexplainable deja vue. Events like these interrupt the normalcy of everyone's life at some point in time. We like to call sightings and unexplainable visions, supernatural events. Many people have varied opinions on these subjects. Supernatural ideas consist of mostly of spiritual or mystic views. What are your views on the unknown?

The causes of most supernatural events are a mystery to most people. It is the curiosity of the unknown that lead people to...
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