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Seeing Eye Dogs

By pinkchopstix Apr 25, 2014 503 Words
Seeing Eye dogs, also known as Guide Dogs are domestic dogs trained for the benefit of the blind. They are permitted entry in most indoor public places, though pets are not. Health and safety issues have been ignored to allow for the blind to have these companions with them. This essay will be discussing which policies have been ignored and why. Pets like cats and dogs are not allowed in restaurants, malls, hotels etc. The reason for this is that even if the dog is clean and well groomed, its animal characteristics make them have to excrete waste--generally on the floor, they shed hair, the noise may disturb people and cause complaints (especially in hotels), if they are particularly aggressive, they might bite people or other pets, and employees may pet them and not wash their hands which is a sanitary hazard. However, these public places must make exceptions to service animals, like Seeing Eye dogs. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has made it obligatory for these public places to allow seeing eye dogs and that is because the visually impaired need them to complete their daily tasks; they rely on the guide dogs to help them walk and deal with traffic, and they are trained to judge the height of their owners and obstacles in their way. Guide dogs are a result of science, and a way that science can solve the issue of blindness.

In the emirate Abu Dhabi, all types of dogs are banned from parks, beaches, shopping centers and public pools since 2011. The reason for this was that UAE wanted to keep Abu Dhabi clean, and not fine people for leaving any mess their dogs have left behind.

Scientists have been trying to cure all types of blindness for years. They have redesigned eye cells and created tissue implants to cure some types. Although, the procedure for a person to undergo treatment would be costly so Seeing Eye dogs are very efficient.

There are negative cultural and social impacts, because in some religions, people believe for dogs to be ‘impure’, which can cause social dispute as they would not want the dogs near them, their food or religious areas etc. This may also cause serious problems for people who are allergic to dogs, depending on the severity of their allergies. An economic impact could be that people may stop going to certain places, such as restaurants or malls, if dogs are allowed there which would then decrease the businesses popularity and customer rate. A solution to the issue just described could be that all people with severe allergic reaction to fur, or the saliva of dogs should carry anti-allergy medicines, eye drops, nasal sprays or anything else that can help them.

In conclusion, Guide dogs impact the world around us. Policies have been ignored to allow the visually impaired to live a life as normal as they can. They are specially trained to not harm unless in defense, and therefore not prohibited from public areas.

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