Seed germination

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Irene C Silfa
Dr. Brian MettsBiology 1108
7 February 2014
Effect of Temperature on Seed Germination
The reproductive cycle of a plant is a process of constant development. It begins with gamete formation, and after several other steps leads into germination. During germination a mature seeds beings the formation of a seedling (Freeman 2011). However, before germination the seed is in a state of dormancy, therefore the seed must have a favorable environment to disrupt the dormancy (Freeman 2011). There are several indications for the seed to being germination. All seeds require water and light (Freeman 2011). But, variance among those signals creates different results among seeds. For example, the temperature of the water of the amount of light has different effects on different types of seeds. The objective of our experiment was to see if temperature had an effect on the germination process of the radish seeds. For our experiment, the seed was determined to have under gone germination if the root tip was at least 4 mm. Because the proper temperature is needed in order to undergo germination, my hypothesis is that there will be different results between the control and variable group. My prediction is that the seeds at room temperature will germinate at a faster rate than the seeds in the refrigerator because molecules move faster at higher temperatures. Therefore, in theory, the necessary oxygen and water will reach the seed much faster and allow the seed germinate. Materials and Methods

First, we obtained forty radish seeds and four Petri dishes with lids. We placed ten seeds in each of the Petri dishes, filled them with enough water and placed lids on them. Then we labeled the dishes as part of either the variable group or control group. The two dishes for the control group were placed on a shelf in the biology lab at a temperature of 68 degrees. The other two dishes were placed inside the refrigerator. All four of the dishes were left in their...

References: Freeman, S. 2011. Biological Science. San Francisco (CA): Pearson Benjamin Cummings, p.
402, 798-799.
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