Seed Germination

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Seed Germination

Some people, when they think of germination, think of a seed sprouting. Very plain, simple image in their mind, especially since there is so much more going on in the small seed. New Life is growing. Germination is the sprouting of a seed, through which a lot of plants reproduce, though not all. Water is a major trigger in the germination stage, playing a major role also later in the plant’s life. Though seeds are not the only way for plants to reproduce, it is one of the easiest to guarantee that the seed will sprout in the right environment. Germination is triggered by water, and the baby plant begins to grow. Germination is highly important because it is during this time that seeds begin to develop their own means to supply food for them, thus allowing the plant to survive. Without plants, humans would not have a lot of things plants provide. Humans would not have things like certain medicines, teas, spices, and basic food items like apples or lettuce to use without the survival of that species.

Although people think you need seeds, plants do manage to reproduce without the use of seeds. Some use a process called runners, when a new plant splits off the parent plant. However, in a typical plant (called Angiosperms, meaning any flowering plants), seeds are created during fertilization. This happens when two parent plants are pollinated. Once the eggs have been fertilized, the parent plant dies as it releases its seeds. Seeds come with a pre-prepared energy supply, protective coat (provided from maternal plant), and an embryo; the actual baby plant. Each part of the new creation has its own special function that helps maintain the young plant alive.

There are many more parts to a seed that are not a major concern, but each does serve a purpose. There, also, the main ones that have many smaller pieces that are part of the whole. For example, the embryo includes many small details of the baby plant. Things like an axis, where the...
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