See Social Phenomenon from Frankenstein

Topics: Human, Science, Victor Frankenstein Pages: 3 (1089 words) Published: May 5, 2013
See social phenomenon from Frankenstein
From my point of view, the movie Frankenstein(1931) and Bride of Frankenstein(1935) all illustrate variety of problems that human beings encounter during the development of society in America culture, including humanity, technology, ethics and education. In this project, I want to discuss how do family and the rapid development of society influence on personal philosophy and their morality. The leading character Frankenstein in the movie is a scientist that specialize in studying the human life and rapt in creating every new life. However, because of medical does not allow him to do such experiments. He leaves for the Bavarian castle and keep working on the dead bodies from graves. Then, he takes the different parts of dead bodies and combine them together with needles to create a new body. After experimenting again and again, he create a body with ugly appearance and bring the dead to life. In the movie, everyone call the creature “monster” just because of its horrible appearance. With the rapid development of technology and society nowadays, scientists tend to create new things without giving the consideration to consequences. However, at the very beginning, they believe that science is above everything and it is the highest. They consider that the objective of experiment is to seek for the most benefit of humans as well. The way Dr. Frankenstein try to create a human body and bring the dead to life, as well as contemporary scientists resembles a lot of dreamers in America, they seek to achieve higher positon in the business market at all costs. Sometimes, personal interests such as money, competition and position make them change the original intention and fall into a wrong path. Thus, they began to corruption or violate the laws. Here is an example that a successful American businessman called madoff, his tactics is to attract a large number of investors to keep financing with high capital return and obtain new...
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