Sedentary Lifestyle

Topics: Cancer, Obesity, Heart Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: February 8, 2012
How does exercise affect the body? A sedentary (inactive) lifestyle is one of the top risk factors for heart diseases, cancers, diabetes and all the other top dangerous diseases. Exercises has many benefits, such as decease in weight, improved sleep, making you more relaxed and rested, decreasing the risk of a lot of diseases, reducing the risk of death from heart diseases, improved muscle tone and strength. And also exercise will make you feel fit and healthy.

How is exercise linked to CVD? Exercise decreases the risk of having a heart attack or experiencing another cardiac event, such as a stroke, and reduces the possibility of needing a bypass surgery.

Regular exercises have a good effect on many the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. For example, exercise helps to reduce the weight and also can help to reduce blood pressure. Exercise can reduce “bad” cholesterol levels and total cholesterol in the blood, and can raise the “good” cholesterol.

Exercises can strengthen our heart and cardiovascular system and also it can improve the use of oxygen in our body.

How is exercise linked to cancer? Physical activity protects from colon cancer development through its role in energy balance, hormone metabolism, and insulin regulation. Physical activity has also been found to decrease a number of inflammatory and immune factors, which influence colon cancer risk.

Exercise may also help preventing breast cancer.
Physical activity may prevent tumour r development by lowering hormone levels, particularly in premenopausal women; lowering levels of insulin, improving the immune response.

How is exercise linked to Diabetes? Exercise helps to control blood glucose on a long period of time; however this is only if the individual exercises regularly. The only inconvenient thing about this treatment is that if an exercise session is missed, the glucose level increases instantly. If it is not controlled, it can destroy the body's organs....
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