Security Services Typologies

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Security Services Typologies|
Elite Services Vs. Oconto County Sheriff’s Department|
Lydia Wilson-Kaquatosh|


There are four different levels of security service typologies. Level IV is the highest level and an example would be the Secret Service or a sheriff’s department. Level III has full governmental powers but does not have the experience that Level IV has. Level II has limited governmental powers but a lot of resources. An example of Level II would be casino security and community police. Level I is the lowest level and has no powers or resources. An example of a Level I would be Menards security or hospital security. Elite Services, formerly known as Elite Show Services, is an example of a Level II security service typology. Security officers at Elite are required to have training on the basics of security on a regular basis. Most of their job opportunities are for fairs, concerts, sporting events, conventions, and other special events. Most of these events do not require hand cuffs, searches, or carrying a fire arm. Elite does offer training that an employee can take to be licensed to carry a fire arm or hand cuffs. Once certified, an employee may work events that require these services. An employee is only allowed to work these events if they are certified and must carry their license on them at all times while working the event. Scheduling staff for these events is basically self-scheduling. You call in on Tuesday through Thursday to get scheduled for any events that are available that week and the following week. All hours are based on the employee’s availability. This is ideal for someone who only has part time availability, and the employee makes his or her own hours. The Secret Service is an example of a Level IV security service typology. The Secret Service has highly trained individuals. Employees are authorized to carry fire arms, and are able to use deadly force. These individuals...

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