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Brandon J. Kovach
PPS Paper
Dr. Dana Little
April 22, 2014
Timken WHQ
I am employed by United American Security and staff the Timken World Headquarters. Therefore, I thought it would be easiest to do my project on a place where I have constant access to the security management personnel, the insiders of the office, and I see the system at work daily. In my first two weeks of working for United American Security, I started to note flaws in the current structure and made recommendations, two of which have since gone into effect and will be documented here. Firstly, look at the layout of the World Headquarters, behind the brilliant office of the white collar workers, research and development is attached and that is where the main security goes into play:

Convenient for Security is the fact that every single Timken Facility in the world has a similar layout to this one. The unconvenience: When making rounds, security personnel are required to lock the main lobby and go outside in order to check the hydromation building, and well as the pumphouse not seen on this layout. When I first started, one officer was on duty at a time. The Timken World Headquarters was not meant to be more than a research and development lab, and then the stockholders decided to split the steel company from the research company, and Timken decided to have a vast expansion of their steel company in Ohio. Therefore all the executives would now be brought into the facility we worked at. This caused another security issue: Keeping the business and assets secure while a 44 million dollar expansion project is underway.We, along with Jeff Brannen, head of Security for Timken. Assessed the main priorities: *Prototype Safety and security

*Personnel Safety
*Data Security
Therefore the design basis needs to be revolving around a large number of foreign contractors having temporary and restricted access. Critical Assets include prioritizing Prototypes and blueprints of existing materials....
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