Security Brutallitay

Topics: Airport security, Aircraft hijacking, Transportation Security Administration Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Security Brutality
Before the year 2000 airports were smooth transportation services. People could enter an airport and basically walk right on to their planes without being hassled by airport security. Air travel safety precautions changed dramatically after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that targeted passenger planes in the United States. After many years of upping security in airports, the Transportation Security Administration knew that metal detectors weren’t enough to pick up all dangerous weapons and explosives. In 2007, the Transportation Security Administration began distributing body scanners to use at security checkpoints in airports throughout the United States. Travelers were outraged when they were told the scanners could produce pictures that could see through their clothes. These scanners and new security procedures should not be allowed to be operational in the United States because they invade personal privacy and slow down the flow of travelers.

The fight against terrorist attacks and threats to American airlines is a losing battle. There are simply too many ways a weapon or plastic explosives can be concealed on the human body. TSA officers used to pat down passengers with the backs of their hands, but now they'll use the fronts of their hands to search more than ever before, in some cases touching body parts that once were off limits. These new scanners and procedures that are being performed are proven to be more effective, but what is the length that air travels will go to feel safe boarding a plane. Watching a five year old child being patted down as if he were a threat to this country was a jaw dropping incident for any person to witness, and in some points the terrorists have already won. This shocking incident that I witnessed made it seem like even children were possible terrorist in the eyes of the airport security. The terrorists have scared a country into doing anything possible in keeping American airlines...
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