Security Breaches in Europe

Topics: European Union, Europe, Computer security Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Discuss trends in security breaches in Europe
In the past recent years cyber security breaches have cost many businesses in Europe big money as well as damaging competitiveness and reputations. Cyber security incidents have cost more 935 million euros a year. This rises to closet to 4.1 billion when you include data loss, hardware, and software failure. According to the latest research from the European Union Agency for Networks and Information Security here are some of the top five threats European companies must battle to protect from. Dive-by downloads, malicious code-worms and Trojans, both are considered top emerging threats to mobile computing in the European continent. Code injections this form of attach in currently on the rise due to proliferation of automated attack tools. This type of attack is mostly directed to management systems and targeted by cyber criminals. Moreover large scale automated attacks have become increasingly used to attack cloud computing service networks. Exploit kits according to the ENISA these kits are considered to be the biggest arsenal tool for cyber criminals to infiltrate network systems and commit cybercrimes. Botnets are threats that many companies have to fight and protect them self from these particular threat controls computers often without users being aware that their systems have been compromised. For Europe the threat is constantly evolving, which is why it is critical for companies to implement multilayer security that goes beyond tools and technology to prevent cyber criminals from infiltrating secured information. How many incidents were in the past 12 months?

Some 229 data breach incidents involving the loss of exposure of digital personal data. Data containing privileged information that otherwise would not be me available to the public. These incidents have cost the reputation and millions of euros to companies within the 28 European state members; including Norway and Switzerland. These incidents have...
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