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Security and Safety Concerns in Schools

By SIVAPARVATHY Feb 03, 2011 414 Words
The issue of Security and safety concerns in schools has become important in the society today due to the changing norms, technological growth and a surprising increase in violent behaviour in various stratas of the society.

This issue is of utmost importance in schools also because it is these institutions that house the future citizens of the world. Anything that happens here affects the child, his family, the country and the entire world. The changing scenario of today demands that the same efforts and care that has been taken in preparing the syllabi of schools, be extended to the issue of security and safety in the educational institutions. In my view, the schools of today must be better equipped to prevent the occurrence of any such mishaps and with means to deal with them if unfortunately such an occurrence takes place.

Here are a few suggestions:

First Aid: A widely used term, but the knowledge about which is, unfortunately, incomplete when it comes to practical training. All the members of the educational institution should be trained about the basic first aid procedures to followed in case of an emergency. Trained members should be there in every classroom and distributed throughout the institution.

Emergency Evacuation Plans and Mock Drills : Due to the unpredictable nature of so many mishaps that can occur, sometimes, immediate evacuation of the place is required. This exercise may prove to be futile if evacuation is not carried out immediately. For this purpose, evacuation plans should be made and practised in the form of ‘Mock Drills’ at regular intervals. The mock Drills should also be for various issues (Short circuit, Water poisoning, Leakage of poisonous gas, fire, terrorist attack, natural calamities like earthquake etc.)

Regular Interaction with the local police and fire stations: Such an interaction educates the students about various security and safety issues and methods to deal with them. The various traffic rules could be implemented by educating the students who would then talk to their family about it and even check their parents if they were not following any traffic rules.

Checking the visitors who are entering the school premises: This exercise is of utmost importance to prevent the entry of any unauthorised and antisocial elements within the school premises.

Fire and smoke alarms, Hooters, emergency exits: Like any other organisation, a school should also be equipped with these emergency detection and prevention systems. The government should make laws for these so that they are implemented without fail.

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