Topics: Supply and demand, Koreans, Korean language Pages: 3 (658 words) Published: August 25, 2013
* A business name is one of the most essential things to be prepared in starting a business. * La Love Han Ko originated from the word  lalabhan kolaba+love = La Lovehan * that means we will washcloths with love and passion

I. History

Originating from a water refilling station up to thelaundry shop.

A water refilling station may be viable in the locationhowever a lot of competitors are already operating insidethe community so the group though of a differentbusiness where in the target audience could focus theirattention into; and that is a laundry shop.

This kind of business does not require much effort forthe customers and the business owners as well.

For the business owners, hiring few employees that would manage the business is just the only task to do.

Thus, the group thought of this kind of business forpracticability and demand from the target audience

* Laundry industry is a strong and energetic business.

* The biggest threat for the business is the competition.

* Laundry shops are easily managed through the use of newtechnology.

* Take note of the service, it comprises of the use of detergent soaps to be used for the clothes, the waterconsumption, space to be saved by the customers inhanging their clothes to dry and the electricity that can besaved for ironing them.

* Generally, this kind of industry is really seen on the go forthe target audience because of convenience andpracticability.

* The location of the business is at Blk79 lot 3 GinsengRoad, Robinsons Homes East Bgy. San Jose, AntipoloCity. La LovehanKois inside the Robinsons Homes * The lot measures 24 sq2 and the laundry shop isexpected to occupy 16 sq * The rates of renting the place range from 4,000php to5,000php a month since it is located on the main road Description of the Project

* is intended for the residents of Robinsons Homes

* La Lovehan Ko significantly acts a helper for thepeople who does not...
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