Secularization of Third World Countries

Topics: Islam, Sharia, Religion Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: August 5, 2012
Is secularization essential to development? Provide detailed answers to why you believe secularization is or is not essential. Use as many terms and concepts from the various development theories as appropriate. Also provide examples from the Third World countries we have been discussing.

Secularization is a process in which society divides itself from a close relationship with religious institutions into a more separate entity. Scholars debated that as modernization spread there would be a decline in the role of religion in politics because this was the route taken by previous industrialized countries. I do believe that government should recognize the importance of religion in the lives of the people it governs so that society’s right to worship will be protected, however I do not believe secularization is essential to the development of society. In the modernization theory, there are two components in the argument for political secularization: the empirical component and the normative assumption. The empirical component assumes that the Third World would take the same path as the West. The normative assumption position is that secularization is advantageous in order to encourage religious freedoms, thus reducing persecutions of religious minorities. The division of church and state is more visible in Protestant nations like Britain and Denmark, more so than Catholic nations like Italy and Spain. There are two forms of religious-political systems “organic system” where clergy are not organized enough to challenge political leaders for example Hindu and Sunni. The second is “church religio-political system” religions are well organized and have some political authority like: Catholicism, Shiite Islam and some Buddhist countries in Tibet and Burma. Islam is a religio-political system. Islamic states and their governing philosophies are based on the Quran and Islamic law Iran and Saudi Arabia are examples of the type of regime. Turkey is a secular state of...
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