Secularization Issue

Topics: Philippines, Priest, Manila Pages: 3 (678 words) Published: February 11, 2012
* "The separation between religion and state" (partial)
* separation between all (religion, moral, and human) values, and (not just the state) but also to (the human nature in its public and private sides), so that the holiness is removed from the world. (complete) * religion loses its authority in all aspects of social life and governance * removing of the monastic controls from a member of the clergy. Two kinds of priests served the Catholic Church in the Philippines * regular priests/regulars

* belonged to religious orders
* main task was to spread Christianity
Ex. Franciscans, Recollects, Dominicans, and Augustinians
* secular priests/seculars
* did not belong to any religious order
* trained specifically to run the parishes
* under the supervision of the bishops
Secularization in the Philippines
* Charles III of Spain in 1759 ushered in the policy of subjecting the Catholic Church to the control of the crown. * Under Governor-general Simon de Anda, secularization was implemented in the Philippines. * Conflict began when the bishops insisted on visiting the parishes that were being run by regular priests. * It was the bishops’ duty to check on the administration of these parishes. * Regular priests refused these visits because they were not under the bishop’s control. * The Regular priests threatened to abandon their parishes if the bishops visited and checked on their parishes. * In 1774, Archbishop Basilio Santa Justa made this royal decree official. * He accepted the challenge of the Regulars assigned secular priests to take their place. * There were not enough seculars to fill all the vacancies the Archbishop and because of this, they rushed the ordination of Filipino seculars. * The Royal decree was issued on November 9, 1774, which provided for the secularization of all parishes or the transfer of parochial administration from the regular friars to the...
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