secular vs religion world view

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Question 1
World view is a person s perspective of the surrounding; Individuals see the world in unique and varied ways. I personally see the world as just a tiny piece that God holds in his hand, people who don’t believe in God might see it differently therefore our world views being different. Factors such as educational experiences, ways of knowing, personal responsibility and family structure have influenced my beliefs and attitudes. A world view results from the process through which knowledge and understanding is obtained. In my world view, having received education made be broaden my knowledge and made me open to anything, my beliefs also took sense of my rational self and made me believe in the unseen. Having both my parents around me shaped my attitude but made me a bit dependent to my family. All these factors shaped my worldview. A worldview is internal yet influenced mostly by external aspects like the way you have been raised, the schools you have attended, the people that influenced your life. My beliefs, my parents as well as the environment I grew up in have shaped my world view; I was born in a Christian family and therefore raised to be righteous, kind, generous. These beliefs that were instilled in me then are still important to me now. b.

1. Secularism is a view of life and a way of life based on Free Inquiry, Separation of Church and State, The Ideal Of Freedom, Ethics Based On Critical Intelligence, Moral Education, Religious Skepticism, Reason, respect for Science And Technology, and so forth. Life has no meaning except that determinism the secular humanist assigns to it. What this means is that secular humanists decide what is good, and live for this. Religion’s view of life is based on God, the belief that a higher power is here and that is responsible for our existence. Because of this belief of God being our creator, the soul purpose of our existence is to serve him. Religion also believes that in this...
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