Secular Humanism VS Christianity

Topics: Secularism, Secular humanism, Meaning of life Pages: 1 (694 words) Published: October 22, 2014
To some, the world had always existed and has grown and developed over time. These people are called Naturalists, also known as Secularists. Naturalists feel that science is the cause and answers of the world, for example, evolution. They do not believe that there is a god of any kind. Also, they believe that humans are machines that will break (Weider and Gutierrez, p. 65). In contrast, Christians believe that God created the Earth and that He existed before anything. God created men and women, Heaven and Earth, by speaking His own words into empty space (Genesis 1-3). One question that many ask is who are we Secularists believe that humans are part of evolution. Many have done scientific studies and claim that humans have evolved from amoeba, single cell organisms, to man (Edwards). In other words, humans are really nothing but animals or cells. Naturalists look to the Darwin theory as the only truth of human existence (Weider and Gutierrez, p. 66). On the contrary, humans are a special creation from God. Christians believe that we are created in His image so that we will protect and take care of the earth as He has taken care of us. As Christians we are to praise God in all His glory. The meaning or purpose of life for a humanist is to succeed in the world through his or her own values or what is right to them. It is as though they do not have any guidance as to what is right or wrong but through the Law. Ultimately, Naturalists believe that there is no purpose in life and that it is just an illusion (Weider and Gutierrez, p. 69). However, knowing God personally is the main purpose of living. While having a relationship with friends and family is great having a relationship with God is even greater. A relationship with God is the greatest purpose anyone could have. Most Naturalists are also known for Relativism because they do not believe in an absolute truth. They, as Relativism teaches, believe that because society and individuals change that there is no...

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1v K6a,O HykoDGY3R@JyBw6K0i1P0YjbiXJB5IgAa6P g)-q8RmcWyXg/u6Q_5H
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tyzR7Kzb_Y/dT/YyZkKqiadpQ2aA/wdnWvVewbj9)ed(w/ak6jAq11_xzGFOkNa4dhtJl ONRpwhpse)tp)af
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