Section a Written Exam Aqa Drama

Topics: Performance, Comedy, Nightclub Pages: 3 (1082 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Question 01 – what’s it about, audience, style, genre, period, space, technical, your role.

In November 2011 my group and I performed a devised piece entitled ‘Unrequited Love’. The theme of our piece was conflict, young people in love but with different aims in life. As well as the couple’s conflict we had two other characters who wanted to be loved but had to be underhanded to get it! Finally to add even more chaos we had the interfering parents! Our piece was inspired by the genre Commedia Dell ‘Arte but we also incorporated spoof and parody. Our performance style was very physical and melodramatic. I worked with my group to devise and direct the piece but I also acted as two characters in the play. We had pictures of Commedia characters as our first stimulus and then we each found examples of these characters in T.V and film to help our characterisation. Our target audience was teenagers as our main characters were young people slightly older than us. Because we wanted it to appeal to our age group we wanted to make it very current and funny – so there were lots of jokes that referred to popular culture. The text we incorporated was catchphrases from current popular T.V programmes and an extract from ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’ by Oscar Wilde – we adapted and modernised a scene to fit our storyline. We used quite a lot of music in our piece and some simple lighting (except for a nightclub scene when we had flashing coloured lights). We used the piece of music ‘The Devil’s Gallop’ at the very start of the piece to set the tone and to accompany our introduction which was a speeded up silent-movie style version of the whole play. We also used some current chart music, for example the club scene. I think our use of space was really good as we used stage blocks to create levels, different areas of the stage (upstage, downstage) to give the audience a split-focus as we wanted to have all characters on stage...
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