Section Review 1

Topics: Elizabeth I of England, Walter Raleigh, English people Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Section Review 1:
1. What English reformer has been called the “Morning Star of the Reformation?” John Wycliffe 2. Who gave England the first printed English Bible? William Tyndale 3. What kind broke England away from the Roman church? Henry VIII 4. Who was the first explorer in the Modern Age to reach the mainland of North America? John Cabot 5. Name the supposed water passage through North America from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The Northwest Passage 6. Who was the first Englishman to sail around the world? Sir Frances Drake 7. Explain how the Reformation spiritually prepared the English people to colonize the New World. The reformation spiritually prepared the English people to colonize the New World by giving them hope. They knew that by colonizing the New World that they would have religious, political, and economic freedom, which they had desired. 8. Discuss the three freedoms that motivated the Englishmen to colonize the New World. They would have religious freedom; they would get to listen to what church they wanted to. They didn’t have to only go to one church, the Church of England. They would also have political freedom; since they were ruled by a kind or queen they didn’t get to decide who they wanted to be in charge of them. And finally, economic freedom; they had some problems with not having any land, unemployment, and inflation. The New World brought a new hope to the English people. 9. Name the three groups involved in English colonization. Sovereigns, businessmen, and settlers Queen Elizabeth I: She reigned over the English people from 1558-1603. By the time she ruled, the people had access to a Bible in their language. Magna Carta: It also means Great Charter, it helped to prepare the English for the limited parliament. Parliament: It paved the way for more representative government in the 1200s. Sir Martin Frobisher: Queen Elizabeth sent this explorer to discover the Northwest Passage in North America. Nova...
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