Secrets of the Psychics

Topics: Paranormal, Peter Popoff, Sylvia Browne Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: May 17, 2005
Secrets of the Psychics

Since the beginning of time, man has liked to believe in things. We believe in god, luck, and even psychics; but in the movie Secrets of the Psychics, James Randi proves u wrong. First Randy talks about Russia, where most of the psychic stories come from. He investigated the Russian Institute of the Brain to see if a "psychic" can control people's brain waves and blood pressure. The psychic tested a man who was unaware of what was being tried. But only one-fourth of the data recorded was correct. Randy concluded that the experiment was inconclusive, because there wasn't enough test done to prove his experiment correct. Next Randy decided to visit the "Russian Photograph Ladies" who thought that they had the psychic ability to look at a picture of a person, and figure out what they have done. Randi then put a picture of Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy was executed for killing thirty plus woman. The control was that Randi would not respond to any of the questions that the ladies asked. The experiment proved that two-thirds of the data was wrong, and one-third of the questions asked were general. Randi proved that the ladies were fakes. The ladies got their information from the responses of their subjects/clients that they interviewed. Lastly, Randi decided to investigate Peter Popoff. Peter was a minister who said that he can heal people's illnesses. Peter would simply touch the person and they would be healed. He also said that he knew where people lived and where they work. Later Peter was caught being untruthful because during his sermons he was receiving radio transmissions from his wife, who was telling him information about his subjects. Three-fourths of Americans say that they have had a psychic experience. But I think that we all want to believe in psychics, because that's just the human nature in us. We all have to believe in something, and I guess the majority of us believe in psychics.
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