Secrets of Finding and Keeping Good Employees

Topics: Employment, Interview, Management Pages: 3 (624 words) Published: May 9, 2010
Lebanese American University
Business Department
Management Theory

Secrets of Finding and Keeping

Presented to: Dr. N. Beyruti
Presented by: Mahdi El Horchi
Hussein Marmar

Date: 02/10/2006
In our days, employment became a hard process in which many managers are complaining about it. In addition, hiring good employees is essential to run a good business on a daily basis and for a long run. Thus, employees would be the heart and the soul of a business. On the other hand, Interviewing is an important process in the preselection of good employees and so opening a gate to have the right person in the right position.

Interviewing is an art of gathering information and trying to learn about candidates before selection. Furthermore, Recruitment is a chain of events that could have sequential and disastrous consequences. Thus, designing a good interview should not address or talk about job requirements before the interview starts. On the other side, many savvy applicants could mask their true capabilities and thus inaccurate image could be drawn.

Interview Requirements:
The interview process should:
- Define the position that the applicant is admitting for. - Address questions specific to the position and requires conscious behavior. - Check or test the ability of interviewer to do the interview. - Be more scientific and less emotional

- Check the steps that are taken for the final hiring process. - Avoid group interviewing that would become a “game of tag”

Consequences of Bad Employment:
Bad employees not only affect an employer by driving down sales, costing the company unwanted expenses due to negligence or simple lack of motivation, but affect customer as well. In addition, wrong decisions and demotivated employees could lead to: - Heightened feelings of stress for the employee in his daily work. - A chain of disastrous events that does...
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