Secrets in the Shadows

Topics: Friendship, A Story, The Work Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: April 12, 2009
Jamarious Burley Burley01 Mrs. Kakolesha Secrets in the Shadows AP Literature 3nd period

May 5, 2008

The title of the story I’m writing about is “Secrets in the Shadow,” by Stephanie Perry Moore. The story is a comedy and tragedy because the outcome is not well ended. The story is mainly about a boy named Roylin who has a crush on a girl named Korrie. He wants to impress her with a gift but he has no money to buy it for her. The story starts off with Roylin meeting Korrie for the first time when she showed up to his class, neither did he know that she liked him as much as he liked her. They started talking for a while and they soon started dating. It soon came that Roylin wanted to impress her by buying her a present to show how much he cares for her, but he didn’t have enough money. Roylin seeks for money from all his friends and family but no one seemed to want to give it to him. He then turned to his old friend Ambrose Miller who lived in the same apartments as he did. Roylin visited him but seemed to be sleep so Roylin took it upon himself to take his money with out asking. Roylin thought that since him and Ambrose were such close friends he wouldn’t have minded him taking it, he figured he Burley02 could return it before he knew it was gone. Roylin didn’t know that when he took the money his friend Cooper saw him. Cooper took it upon himself to black mail Roylin into helping him do some extra work around the apartment area. Later that day Roylin comes home and see that his old friend isn’t there he goes inside and look around and half his stuff was missing. Roylin turns and see Cooper and ask him where he was. Cooper makes up a lie and says that Mr. Miller was dead. Roylin...
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