Secret Window

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The movie is about writing and the insanity of writers. For those of you unfamiliar with the process...imagine spending months or even years of your life working on a painting that you yourself can never see. You become so close to what you create that you have no idea if it's any good, and the growing doubt of your own ability along with the fear of wasting so much time and effort will most definitely have you pulling your hair out.

Johnny Depp plays Mort Rainey, an odd-ball writer with hair that looks like a mop, and a delightfully slovenly appearance, undergoing a painful divorce from a wife who he found cheating. He has locked himself away in their vacation cabin deep in the woods, talks to his nearly blind dog, taking long naps, smoking, and apparently experiencing writer's block and tries to placate Mr. Shooter. He also spends a lot of time on the phone, mostly with Shooter and with his disconsolate wife. Depp deserves credit for handling this very difficult role decently; however, this is not his usual flawless performance. Soon enough, "Shooter" (John Turturro), an obsessive sociopath fan shows up. Mr. Shooter claims that Rainey stole one of his stories, and demands that he re-publish it with Shooter's name and that he "fix the ending." In Shooter's version of the story, the protagonist kills his wife and buries her in her ‘secret garden’, which can be seen from the ‘secret window’ of their house. Mr. Shooter, it seems, will go to any length to ensure that his will is carried out, and is particularly adept at connecting Mr. Rainey, but not himself, to all of his dirty little deeds. 

These two succeed in transforming every scene in which either of them appears, with the help of some clever directing and camera work, into something surreal and memorable. One of the most convincing aspects of this film is the way it shifts from the otherworldly weirdness of these...
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