Secret Shopper

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Full-time Pages: 4 (964 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Mary Beth Markham
Dr. Byrd
13 April 2015
FASH 200

Comparison Shopper
Comparison shoppers are individuals who work for retail, boutique, and variety stores. As a comparison shopper you visit other competitors stores and their online shops to compare the different prices and quality of the products. They go in and look at all of the products so that they can come back to the store that they work for and compare it to their own merchandise. After the comparison shopper has completed their job they give either an oral or a written report to their boss, and with that information management set prices, procedures, and the buying policies. The majority of the time a comparison shopper specialized in one item or one department of a store. When the comparison shopper visits the competitors store they act like they are a normal customer. When they are in the store they are trained to notice items that are selling particularly well, and they examine the competitor’s sale items. They may also purchase unusual or new items so they can examine them. Part of their job can even consist of them returning merchandise to the competitor and complain to see how their customer services reacts. When you’re a comparison shopper you have to be prepared to do things that are not involved with shopping. They have to be able to study the way other stores set up there merchandise displays, and sales techniques. Lastly, they are supposed to keep their self-updated with their own store. In this paper we are going to discuss the skills requires, education requirements, average salaries, and employment outlook.

To be a comparison shopper you just have to have a high school diploma but your more likely to get the job that you want if you have some kind of background working on the floor in retail. If you are a college student the best way to prepare yourself is to take classes in marketing, business, and English. Also, if you have time it is best that you get a part time job in ant...

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