Secret Life of Bees Study paper

Topics: Mary, Blessed Virgin Mary, Suicide Pages: 4 (1369 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Chapter 1:
-summer of 1964, lily is turning 14
-doesn’t call T-Ray daddy b/c it “doesn’t fit him” aka he mistreats her so she isnt able to see him as a father figure -rosaleen was a stand-in mother
-lily calls t-ray into her room saying there’s a swarm of bees -t-ray comes in and there isn’t any bees and he’s like “the fuck nigga y u b playin” - does lily have schizophrenia??????? or just a very imaginitive mind -only memory of her mom lily has is the day that she died, December 3rd, 1954. lily was 4 years old -her mom was taking things out of the closet, and packing them into the suitcase -t-ray came upstairs and dragged lily out of the room, but somehow she found her way back in -lily picks up a gun and shoots her mom (what a hoe)

- *remember that t-ray and lily have a peach business where she assists him* -t-ray forces her to kneel on grits b/c he finds her in the orchard looking at the box of her mom’s things that she had buried (he thinks she’s out with a boy super late at night) -t-ray is very ignorant and doesn’t support lily reading when she’s selling peaches, although he is educated enough himself. -story takes place during the time of the atomic bomb

-when lily asks for a silver bracelet for her birthday, t-ray pretends to not hear her and avoids talking about it #shady - when rosaleen spills snuff on the racists, she does it as if she’s spelling her name out in curves “Rosaleen Daise”

Chapter 2 & Chapter 3:
**sparknotes version has all the details from both of these chapters**

Chapter 4 & 5:
- August Boatwright, standing in front of the house is the lady making the Black Madonna Honey. - Lily had used the picture from her mom’s box of things to find the Boatwright house. (picture had Tiburon S.C [South Carolina] written on it) - In the living room, there is a huge statue of Virgin Mary, called Our Lady of Chains - in the story, virgin mary is portrayed as being black which seems to be more accurate than how she is...
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