Secret challenges nurses face

Topics: Nursing, Registered nurse, Bureau of Labor Statistics Pages: 3 (1131 words) Published: March 2, 2014

The Secret Challenges Registered Nurses Face after Graduations After at least sixteen years of schooling, students are more than ready to finally begin the careers they have been working toward their entire life thus far. Yet one final challenge stands in their way until they make it into the real world of adulthood: finding a job. This final task seems easy enough with years of education under your belt and hours of schooling focused solely on your decided career, but still it remains a daunting task to so many. Why? The recession that the United States has been trudging in and out of is still very tangible to many, including recent graduates battling the job market. Almost all fields of study have seen the effects this recession has had on the job market, with fewer jobs and greater competition between applicants. The nursing field, however, is a different. The Bureau of Labor Statistics measures the job outlook in various fields with a projected rate of change in employment during a ten year period, 2010 to 2020. This rate for the nursing field is recorded at 26%- nearly double the average 14% (Bureau of Labor Statistics). These statistics can be deceiving to graduates looking for careers where work is available. Students are then called upon to fill this void in the healthcare field. These past few years the enrollment in colleges of nursing dramatically increased to 169,000 from the 78,000 a decade earlier (Kurtz). These registered nurses are much needed and eager students looking for any possible jobs flock to the healthcare field. The openly circulated statistics show that the nursing workforce is lacking and that there are ample positions. A picture is painted for these graduates that jobs will be thrown at them after graduation day, but that is not even remotely close to the reality. These students are fighting and clawing for positions. How could this be possible if the only competition is their selves? This is where so many have been misled. Not...

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