Second Life Virtual World

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1. Enter the Second Life site ( and identify EC activities there. In second life virtual world, user creating a citizen inside the virtual world, they can be a business creator or a buyer; they can provide goods for sell, exchange information via the second life virtual world.

2. Which types of transactions are observable at the site?
Inside second life we can find B2C, B2B transactions.
Second life using virtual money call L$, user pay L$ to buy land or item, when seller collected the virtual money, seller can exchange L$ to USD.

3. Which business models are observable at the site?
Virtual mall
User group together to build up a virtual mall for selling their products. Virtual community

4. If you were a travel agent, how would you utilize the site? Create a virtual world map, point out some famous place and provide information.

5. Have your avatar communicate with 5 others; write a report on your experience.

An avatar is a digital, animated representation of yourself in Second Life. When you join Second Life, you have a standard set of avatars to choose from. Once you receive your avatar, then you can go into “appearance mode” and change your hair, skin, shape, and clothing. When joining Second Life, every new member must agree to the Second Life Terms of Service, which outlines the rules that all avatars must follow. Some businesses choose to adopt the standard Second Life Terms of Service alone and some opt to create additional terms that outline a specific group, or organization’s rules, such as prohibiting access to inappropriate materials or only allowing human avatars. Although operating within the Second Life environment might be challenging at first, it’s easy to get the hang of all of the movements that you’ll be using in a business environment—walking, sitting, teleporting, etc. Second Life is a rich-immersive environment that enables a wide variety of communication channels, including both text chat, and 3D...
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