Second Life

Topics: Christianity, Paranormal, Religion / Pages: 2 (512 words) / Published: May 7th, 2014
Dr. Carter
Composition II
20 January 2012

There are thousands of places to visit in Second Life that will fascinate and sometimes question your mind. Once users of this program understand how to navigate various locations by teleporting and learn how to interact with objects. Everyone has the ability to enjoy whatever their destination preference is and have their own way of experiencing these destinations. I think that is the real beauty of exploring Second Life. My first teleportation selection was in the destination showcase tab. The place was called, Racer’s Island, a place that is meant for racing and buying cars. When I first got there, all around me were racing signs and automobiles waiting to be sold. Sadly, there was no one else there at my time of arrival, but I still enjoyed all of the racing memorabilia. My second location was called Info Island. This destination is the library for our classroom and mostly all of our students have been to this location. This locations description included, . The classmate I decided to bring to Info Island was Madeline Finnern. The first location we went to was called Sacred Texts, it was a Christian church. Around the church Christian music played and there were bibles and pictures of religious figures. On the church there was an information guide. This guide let to Christian beliefs, symbols of religion, and the history behind the different religions. The second place I visited was the Genealogy Research Center. This center offers exhibits, programs, and meetings about old ancestry. Inside, chairs were spread out for reading books and maps were on the walls to read about historic events. I personally just viewed the different maps and sat down starring for a while. My next location was to a hanging out spot discussing the mysteries of Nancy Drew. I have always like reading the books in the past. There was a really cool set up of lounge styled chairs and a fireplace. This was an

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