Second Life

Topics: Virtual reality, Advertising, Marketing Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: March 13, 2014
Case Study 4
Second Life is made up of individuals who want to experience a virtual world. There are college students in this virtual community as well middle-aged adults who both want to experience virtual destinations. Second life is already taking steps in making Web 2.0 technology, as they are revolutionizing the virtual community. They are doing this by adding options to visit real life places through advertisements on Second Life. This is providing them with a strong marketing technique because they can give a preview of these “First Life” places so that people are intrigued about this places and now have the opportunity to conveniently access a travel agency to visit these places in real life. STA Travel’s should use their Bricks and Clicks strategy to their advantage. They can use strategies to find out where a majority of the users of the site come from, and from there they can build real life offices in areas with a high population of Second Life users. This way they have the opportunity to advertise and provide their travel agency services to these users through the Second Life platform, but they can also provide the same services in real life. STA is using the Content Provider Business Model on their Second Life platform and this is going to be a great provider of revenue for them. With this model they develop and publish their content but they also can get input from the large amount of users on Second Life. The input they receive using this model is more honest than other ways companies try to receive input. User-generated content gives them a great advantage with cost, it is not very expensive to have these sites. They can use this almost as an additional free advertising technique because people from all around the world that use Second Life can provide their input to potential STA customers that they would not typically receive without this site. The Total Cost of Ownership for this new venture can be relatively low if they use the most...
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