Second Language in Kindergarten

Topics: Second language, Education, Linguistics Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Some people think that children should spend their time by playing and shouldn’t learn foreign language when they are at kindergarten. I completely disagree with this opinion because i believe that teaching second language at early ages will have significant role in future life of kids. Firstly,children can learn language more quickly and more easier when they are younger. Their brains are like a sponge,so they can memorize what their teachers teach them and never forget.Furthermore,if they begin study early,they can know study tips and this help them to develop theirselves for school life.The children who learn second language at early ages have more active brains and later have less difficulties in school subjects. Secondly,it is funny to learn new language.At the same time if kids learn languge and play game,this can be enjoyable for them.For example,when their teacher wants to teach animal names in other language,all together they can do impression of the animals and their voices or sing a song.In this way children won’t get bored and learn new words. Finally,by learning a foreign language,children can form their career from now.Nowadays employers are looking for employees who are bilingual.Kids will have lots of time until their business life to practise their language and get fluency so they can speak that language as mother tongue.Also,knowing foreign language provide the kid to enter new cultural world.This helps kid to make friend easily and be enterprise. In brief,there are countless benefits to teach second language in kindergarten.The children will be well informed,sophisticated also a successful work life will wait for children who starts learning language in early ages.Because of these reasons,parents should be more careful when they choose a kindergarten,they should prefer a kindergarten which has a second language program.
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