Second Industrial Revolution

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November 23, 2011
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The Second Industrial Revolution
Labor Movement

During the late 1800s, the period when industrial growth was so dramatic was called the Second Industrial Revolution. New technologies expanded throughout this period such as the Bessemer process which was an inexpensive way to make steel from iron, oil, railroad expansion, and corporations. The Second Industrial Revolution created many jobs but it had many imbalanced conditions. The rich were getting tremendously rich, while the poor stayed very poor and unfortunate. Governments paid little attention to workers. Also, labor workers were in terrible conditions and rights were violated during the Industrial Revolution. Workers were in dangerous conditions working with large, heavy equipment in factories. Many workers were vulnerable to injury and death during the job. They had no vacations, no sick leave if they happened to get ill, and no assistance if they were injured during the task. Labor workers were paid very low wages while working about 19 long tiring hours a day. Child labor was also common during the Industrial Revolution. Children as young as five years old were paid only a fraction of what an adult would receive, and sometimes factory owners would get away with paying them nothing at all. The people who the children worked for would physically beat, verbally abuse them, and also take no consideration for their safety. A supervisor would tie weights to the child's neck and make him or her walk around for everyone to see which lasted up to an hour or so if the child had arrived tardy to work. This cruel punishment leads to serious neck and back injuries. Children were also whipped in order to make them work faster. Working conditions were so bad that workers began to join together forming labor unions in order to make their demands heard by the government. The goals of the labor movement in the late 1800s were several of ideas the workers wanted to improve the working...
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