Second Great Awakening

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Native Americans in the United States, Puerto Rico Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: June 5, 2008
The Second Great Awakening was a time from 1800-1830’s that grew out of a 1790’s conservative minister’s movement to revitalize the church. The message of the 2nd Great Awakening was, individuals must readmit God and Christ into their daily lives, and must reject the rationalism that threatened traditional beliefs. This movement encouraged people to search for salvation through faith and good works. The Second Great Awakening affected many people especially, White women, African Americans, and Native Americans but not White men. The Second Great did not affect White men as much as others. Most men moved far out west and were too busy working the land to be concerned with religion. Men were not really looking for new religion but they were looking to make money, get jobs, and start a new life in the West. Of all the major races and genders, white men were probably the least affected by it.

White women were very affected by the Movement. These women were easily taken in by charity work the churches offered. It also helped them get jobs. Since the men were gone, there were a lot of jobs available for them especially in factories. The awakening helped them cope with the social changes brought about by factory work..

The Second Great Awakening affected many Native Americans. Presbyterian and Baptist missionaries worked among many of the tribes. The men gave up their role as hunters and became sedentary farmers instead. Many of the Native American women started taking on more domestic roles. The revivalism penetrated the African American culture as well. They embraced the new religious fervor. A big group of African American preachers became important figures among the slave community. This movement actually stirred racial unrest for Whites and African American in the South. The Second Great Awakening changed the live of many people in this country. For White women, they were becoming more involved in the church and doing more outside the home. For Native...
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