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Second child policy in China

By demcapple Dec 05, 2013 420 Words
“second child policy china”
China could fully implement second-child policy

Shandong county's population drops despite 2nd child policies

China relaxes one-child policy in face of ageing population and dwindling workforce

China Is Ending Its “One-Child Policy” — Here Are The Implications

End of China’s one-child policy?!RdV9w&__gda__=1383652268_b69a2eb471cd7195618189843be03cbc

China may relax one-child policy and allow family have two children. Background of one-child policy
Causes (outcomes of one-child policy)
Economy Declined working population
Growing aging group (dependency ratio)
Society Moral criticism and abortion
Single child was blamed too spoiled
9 months’ baby was forcibly aborted, 330 million abortions Pension High living pressure and social imbalance, “shidu” lose of the only child National defence New national leaders: the safest policy

National security
Hangzhou: cost 1.83 million for fertility, which equals to a couple’s total salary for more than 15 years. Education quality.
No difference 根据第六次人口普查的数据,目前中国人口的总和生育率仅在1.2左右,大大低于2.1的世代更替水平。根据历年来在江苏、湖北、北京等地进行的生育 意愿调查,由于生育成本等原因,人们的生育意愿并不高。中国社会科学院在江苏进行的调研表明,符合生育二胎条件的人群真正生育了二胎的仅占三成左右。   易富贤表示,从国际经验看,新加坡、韩国、伊朗等国家都实行过提倡二胎的政策,结果证明是失败的,目前新加坡、韩国的生育率徘徊在 0.9~1.2的超低水平上,伊朗2011年的生育率也仅有1.64。从国内经验看,山西翼城、甘肃酒泉、河北承德、湖北恩施等地的农村地区从上个世纪 80年代开始试点“二胎方案”,到现在生育率全部低于1.6。

Increase: most possible scenary
-Family spending (amount and structure)
-Baby-related industries: quality innovation; Other countries such as New Zealand -Long term: Real estate (still need discussion): need for large unit How to deal with the challenges?
-Unprecedented pressure and difficulties for current singletons: 4 aged plus two children -Enhance the pension system to secure aged
-Education system
Parent-child education (parenting)
-Legal enforcement: food safety
Population growth: Insufficient infrastructure; environment protection (carbon emissions and climate change); job opportunity Two children doesn’t mean unlimited ferity, birth control still needs implementation. The relaxation of one-child policy only have limited impact on the structural problems of population. Newly born babies cannot quickly turn into working force, the solution to keep economic growth and to face with the decreased demographic dividend is technology.

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