Second Chances

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Christine R Jinks
English 100 1-3:20pm T/Th
Writing Project 1 (Final Draft)
R. Fleming Safa
January 23, 2012
Second Chances How many of us really do take our lives for granted? Are you comfortable where you are in your life? If you knew a date that would tell you your life is over as you know it, would you be able to tell yourself that you have lived a happy and fulfilled life? Or do you think maybe you’re just still young enough that you don’t have to worry about it, that you still have plenty of years left to fulfill your dreams and passions? I felt that way for many years. Until that day that changed my outlook on life as we know it. It was just six years ago, two days after my 37th Birthday, March 28, 2006. I couldn’t believe I was almost forty, but I sure did feel like it physically, I had gained some weight the past year probably a good thirty pounds. I went from 160lbs to 200. I think it was from quitting smoking. My hair was the longest it had ever been, past my shoulders and I was still keeping it dyed blonde, it could use a trim though, my dark brown roots were starting to show. I was waiting on my boyfriend Rick when had just been dating for about six months and he asked me to move in and make his home our home. I had hesitation at first because of being in two horrible marriages, but Rick was different, he was a “good” man, he worked hard seven days a week, twelve hours a day and a superior position with his company Worthington Steele, he had been there since he turned 19yrs old and owned his own home already for twenty years. We were meeting at Sports n Spirits for drinks just like we did every weekend and he was running late because having to fix something that went wrong with one of the machines. I was sitting at the table and just ordered some chicken wings and had already had three shots and I ordered doubles so I was cool for a minute. I...
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