Second Chance? Illegal Immigrants

Topics: Immigration, Immigration to the United States, Spain Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: July 18, 2013
Kevin Zheng 7/18/13

Illegal Immigration has been a rising controversial problem among policy makers. There are 11 million immigrants that currently reside in the United States. They immigrated to this nation to seek a new life, a job, and a brighter future, but obtaining a citizenship won’t be on the same level as immigrating here. One wrong step would lead them to deportation. I believe that illegal immigrants should be given a chance to become U.S. citizens. This is due to several reasons: (1) Families that have been previously separated by deportation can reunite. (2) Illegal Immigrants contribute to the economy. (3) Immigration is a human right. These reasons proves that illegal immigrants should be given a second chance. According to government records in 2011, approximately 200,000 parents has been deported from the United States because they did not have a citizenship. The government has teared many childrens from their parents and countless families apart. Childrens have been traumatized of this.These illegal immigrants should be given a second chance of obtaining a citizenship instead of staying deported because of traffic violations and other minor transgressions. One such case was when a Mexican immigrant named Felipe Montes was deported from North Carolina. He left behind three children and a wife. Eventually he won but he had to go to Mexico with them. This was all just because he had a bunch of traffic violations. Illegal Immigrants also contribute to the economy as well to the government. Offering to get paid low wages, the immigrants help companies compete with low priced products from other companies. By granting citizenship on the illegal immigrants, the tax revenue would also increase by 4.5 billion dollars in a span of three years according to the Congressional Budget Office. This would be a big aid to the economy as well to the government. It would also as well increase the labor force as more people retire and this would benefit the...
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