Second Chance for Felons

Topics: Prison, Life imprisonment, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: July 3, 2011
There are millions of Americans in the United States (U.S) who have been to prison for conviction of a crime and incarceration rates are increasing (Public Safety Performance Project,2007, Pew, 2008). Each year, thousands of individuals across the United States confront social and personal challenges related with the shift of transitioning from prison to society outside of prison. Incarceration prisons rates in the U.S. has increased more than any country in the world (Pew, 2008). In this informative review, I will discuss some of the social factors associated with individuals that have been convicted of a crime and have a felony record. I will also show evidence that supports my investigation and will be culminate in action. This is not a only a problem that affects the individual that holds an felony record, it is a problem that affects society as a whole (Pew, 2008). The Cost. some of these individuals are in prison for crimes they did not commit and crimes they did commit (Greene & Heilburn, 2011). Either way, when most of these individuals return to society they will have a felony record that will follow them the rest of their lives. These individuals were sent prison to pay their debt to society for the crime or crimes for which they have been convicted, but will also receive additional punishment further than their sentences. This includes their status in life, education opportunities, and jobs opportunities. Majority of these individuals are stigmatized as deviant individuals in our society in the U.S. (Anderson, 2010). Our society is shaped to think, that all individuals with felonies are very deviant or bad people that don’t have the ability to change to become a better person and that they could contribute to society in a positive manner (Greene & Heilburn, 2011). These individuals made a mistake and they need a second chance to survive to become productive members of society. Some people believe in the belief in a just world, that good...
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