Second Battle of Panipat

Topics: Mughal Empire, Delhi, Babur Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: March 1, 2008
The Second Battle of Panipat was fought between Samrat Hem Chander Vikramaditya or popularly called Hemu Vikramaditya and forces of Akbar on November 5, 1556. Hindu King of Delhi,who had his coronation or 'Rajyabhishake' on October 7, 1556 at Purana Quila in Delhi had a fight with the army of Akbar. Akbar along with Bairam Khan at that time was stationed about 8 miles away from the war zone and had not participated in the war. On 24 January 1556 Mughal ruler Humayun slipped while climbing down the steps of his library and fell to his death. His son Akbar was only thirteen years old when he ascended the throne. At the time of Akbar's accession to the throne, the Mughal rule was confined to Kabul, Kandhahar, and parts of Punjab and Delhi. Akbar was then campaigning in Punjab with his guardian Bairam Khan. On February 14, 1556, in a garden at Kalanaur in Punjab, Akbar was enthroned as king. Hemu or Hemchander was a military chief of the Afghan King Muhammad Adil Shah who had established himself at Chunar and was seeking to expel the Mughals from India. Taking advantage of Humayun's death, Hemu marched to Agra.The commander of Mugal forces in Agra ran away leaving Agra for Hemu without a fight.Then Hemu moved towards Delhi and stationed his forces outside Delhi at Tuglakabad. On October 6, 1156 there was a fight between Mugal forces and large army of Hemu in which Hemu won and Tardi Baig the commander of Akbar's forces ran away from Delhi.Thus Hemu captured Delhi without much difficulty.He had his coronation at Purana Quila in Delhi on October 7, 1556, and was bestowed the title of Vikramaditya'by all the Generals Hindu as well as Afgans. To counter this, Bairam Khan (Akbar's guardian) marched towards Delhi. On November 5 both the armies met at the historic battlefield of Panipat, where thirty years earlier, Babur had defeated Ibrahim Lodi and laid the foundation of the Mughal Empire. Hemu with a large army including 1,500 war elephants had initial success. There was...
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