Sebba Ali's Class Action: Reforms Required in the Education System

Topics: Education, Ecuador, Rafael Correa Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: November 11, 2013

In the article “Class Action”, Sebba Ali tell us that important people nationwide are discussing ways to reform the education system. Ali points out that more school hours are going to make a big impact on students’ performance. Ali states that more hours will affect not only students but also teachers’ performance. Ali concludes that changing the education system is not easy but implementing an extension of the school hours and academic calendars is excellent idea. When the author says “Improving the country’s education system will take a lot more that simply extending the school day and year”, it reminds me of the actual change that education is having in Ecuador. Why is this important? Making changes to a deteriorated education system is not easy, like the author said, “Ifear the plan could be discarded like so many other quick fixes”. For instance, changing the education system in Ecuador took 8 years. In fact, the process is still not finished. A good reform is worth it, not only adding extra time for everyone. The President of Ecuador, economist Rafael Correa thinks that focusing on education is very good but the only way to do it is changing the country’s mentality about education. To begin with this process he had to change the constitution of Ecuador completely. A good example of this change is what the new constitution says about education; “Education is a right for everyone and is an unavoidable duty for the country” or “Education is mandatory, democratic and provided with quality and warmth”. Now, Ecuador is having the best results in education with free good education, improving teachers’ knowledge with new technologies and having young people around the world in the best universities. Ecuador is a small country in South America and cannot be compared with the United States but is an example that good changes can be implemented anywhere no matter what.

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