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“Johann Sebastian Bach”

Johann Sebastian Bach was one of the greatest composers in western musical history. More than 1,000 of his compositions survive. Some examples are the art of fugue, Brandenburg Concerti, the Goldberg Variations for Harpsichord, the, Mass in B-minor, the motets, and the Easter and Christmas oratorios. Bach came from a family of musicians. There were over 53 musicians in his family over a period of 300 years. His father Johann Ambrosius Bach, was a talented violinist, and taught his son the basics for string playing. Another relative, the organist at important church, instructed the young boy on the organ. He went to go stay with his older brother, Johann Christoph, who was a professional organist. Born in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany, on March 21, 1685, Johann Sebastian Bach came from a family of musicians, stretching back several generations. His father, Johann Ambrosius, worked as the town musician in Eisenach, and it is believed that he taught young Johann to play the violin. At the age of 7, Bach went to school where he received religious instruction and studied Latin and other subjects. His Lutheran faith would influence his later musical works. By the time he turned 10, Bach found himself an orphan after the death of both of his parents. His older brother Johann Christoph, a church organist in Ohrdruf, took him in. Johann Christoph provided some further musical instruction for his younger brother and enrolled him in a local school. Bach stayed with his brother's family until he was 15. Bach had a beautiful soprano singing voice, which helped him land a place at a school in Luneburg. Sometime after his arrival, his voice changed and Bach switched to playing the violin and the harpsichord. Bach was greatly influenced by a local organist named George Bohme. In 1703, he landed his first job as a musician at the court of Duke Johann Ernst in Weimar. There he was a...
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