Seatbelt Safty

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Tyler Vogt

I created my design because I would think it would stop the egg for cracking and the egg would be safe. They did not use my design they choose 2 then they put them to get together to get one good one.

When we were trying to make the seat we had a problem when the egg flew out the top of the seat. Then we added another cup to the top so the egg could not fly out. Our prototype was a success and it is better than our seats and seatbelts because we have a what I just draw out then had the two cups it saved the egg going out the top then in a car it could go through the top of the car.

When the car and the egg hit the brick the egg stayed in the sit and the belt so it could not break. When it comes to newton’s first law when the cart stayed in motion down the ramp then the brick stop the cart witch it is a outside force stop the cart from keep going down the hall. If you don’t wear a seatbelt you can get serially hurt or could die by going through the front of the like the windshield then could land if front a car and maybe get ran over. That is why it is importance to wear a seatbelt.
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