Seasonal Weather Effects on Humans

Topics: Weather, Season, Tropical cyclone Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: March 7, 2009
This paper is mostly about seasonal weather effects on humans. It discusses the correlation between long dark winters and suicide rates, seasonal affective disorder, the lowering of immunity from infections in cold weather and the spread of disease in hot weather. Also mentioned are the effects on animals of El Nino and how weather changes bring certain predators and prey closer together.

"Weather is the No. 1 talked about topic among people. Just for small talk and conversation?s sake, the state of the weather is always brought up. Weather has a deeper effect on animals than determining what to wear for the day or providing a topic of conversation. During the winter, people claim to have cabin fever. When spring arrives, they catch spring fever. While these two terms have taken on meaning as figures of speech, there is scientific research showing that weather effects humans and animals on a physiological and psychological level. Weather changes alter mood, behavior, and general well being. In certain climates, people tend to be healthier than others."

"The weather is an often over looked feature of our environment in terms of its deeply seeded impacts on our day-to-day lives. While most individuals are aware of the fact that the weather dictates what they might wear during the day, which coat or jacket to choose, and what activities they may be able to participate in, the broader impacts of weather are not as often a topic of concern. Everyone is aware of the impact of natural disasters related to weather, as these events can often wreck havoc with individual areas of the country or world for an extended period of time. Recent examples within Canada include the hurricanes that occurred in the fall of 2003. Although hurricanes are very uncommon in Canada, due to its northern location, the tail ends of a tropical storm hit parts of southern Ontario causing power outages and structural damage to a variety of buildings."

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