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What is the company’s product or service?
Sears is a retail department store which carries brands like Dockers, Lee, Levis, Covington, Laura Scott and many more in the apparel department. Along with women, men and children's clothing, Sears also has departments of tools, lawn and garden, home fashion, appliances and electronics. Beside these entire departments, Land’s End and Two Heart maternity are two department brands rented inside of Sears. Besides hard line and soft line, Sears also has a large collection of women, men and kid's shoes. Jewelry is one of the biggest attraction in Sears, in which fine jewelry is also included. Recently Sears has been adding candy bars, chewing gum, and chocolates to freshen up customers from all of the shopping.  Sears has its own credit card and master cards for customers to utilize at its stores. If a customer does not want to sign up for a credit card, there is a program called the Shop Your Way Reward Card. This is an “invisible” and a free rewards card. Every time a customer shops and gives their phone number to the cashier, they get points for their shopping and then these points can convert into to money which the customer can redeem it with a pin code anytime they want.

When it comes to online purchases, if a customer orders items from a store which is carried by either Sears or K-Mart, the shipping is free until the order exceeds over 72 pounds. This feature is called Store-To-Home. Furthermore, if the order is placed before 5 p.m., the shipment will reach its destination the next day before 5 p.m. If a customer comes to pick up big merchandise, it is guaranteed that the associate will bring the merchandise with in 5 minutes.

Although the wages for employees start at $7.25 per hour, Sears aslo gives benefits to their employees. One of benefits for employees is an extra twenty percent off on apparel, fragrances and shoes, and an extra 10 percent off on electronics, tools, lawn and garden and appliances. Moreover, Sears give medical and dental coverage to associates who work full time. Give a history of the business, including how and when it started, its triumphs, its defeats, and its charities.

Sears Holdings Corporation is the parent company of the well-known department stores originally founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in the 19th century. The company, known as Sears, Roebuck and Company was bought out by K-Mart in early 2005 creating Sears Holding Corporation. Richard Warren Sears was an ordinary railroad agent in North Redwood, in Minnesota. An opportunity arose for Sears when he came across an unwanted delivery of a dozen gold-filled pocket watches. The jeweler did not want the watches, so Sears bought them and then subsequently, sold them for a profit. He then ordered more watches. Sears started to continually sell watches through mail order catalogs, a marketing technique that Sears took fully advantage of. Next year he moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he hired Alvah Curtis Reobuck, a watch repairman, who both targeted Midwest farmers and their families through mail order marketing.

At that time farmers bought supplies form a general stores at high prices. Sears took advantage of this opportunity and published his catalog with price and item clearly stated. This technique expanded quickly. Sears first catalog published in 1888. In 1894, Sears catalog had 322 pages featuring sewing machines, bicycles, sports goods and automobiles produced by Lincoln Car Works. Soon after, Chicago clothing manufacture became a part owner in 1895. Alvas Roebuck resigned soon after because of illness, but the company kept his name. Next year, dolls, stoves, groceries were added to the to Sears catalog. At that Sears’s catalog had around 532 pages in 1895. Sales were doing great, around $400,000 and then two years later sales reached $750,000. This is a testament of the success of the mail-order marketing which the company, under the...
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