Searching for and Downloading Resources

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Searching for and Downloading Resources
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Managing and Leading: A Contemporary Approach

According to Paul and Elder (2011) the foundations of substantive writing requires intellectual discipline and defined strategies to help the student understand facts, details, and concepts offered on the researched resources. To better understand an article or an essay, the eight following steps must be reviewed: main purpose of the article, key question of the author, most important information, main inferences, key concepts, main assumptions, and main points of view. In order to apply the new acquired knowledge provided by this author, the first part of the present application consists in the analysis of the article “Business Process Reengineering in The Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration” by Dr. Badrodin Orei Yazdani and Mohsen Shahbeigi (2011). The second part of this essay intends to act as a peer reviewer for the mentioned article by examining the currency of the cited authors, clear and well-defined research question, adequately described methods, among others.

Part I – Brief Analysis of the Article
The main purpose of this article is to identify the improvement areas for the Goods Release Process at the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and propound solutions seizing upon Reengineering techniques, taking the Zahedan Customs Organization as the Case Study. The key question that the author is addressing is: “Why is it important the Information Technology platform to bring results in the reengineering techniques proposed to improve the quality in Zahedan Customs Administration?” The most important information in this article is:

1. The method used to collect data was applying a questionnaire to the main two actors of the customs process: the custom’s employees and the customers (importers or exporters). Information about how and why the Zahedan customs...

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