Search of Commonalities: Some Linguistic and Rhetorical Features of Business Reports as a Genre

Topics: Report, Difference, Scientific method Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: March 20, 2011
In this essay paper I will discuss and compare the features of a business report and a scientific report on the basis of Yeung´s article “In search of commonalities: Some linguistic and rhetorical features of business reports as a genre”. Traditionally business reports are taught mainly based on the model of scientific reports which means they have lots of similarities. Both are using a standardized format, consisting of summary, introduction, objectives, methods, results, discussions, conclusions and recommendations and as well as a scientific report a business report should also be written on stark, concise and objective style. In my essay I will first explain the main differences in the overall structures of these two reports. The biggest difference between these two reports is the overall structure of report. When the structure of research article is an hour-glass symmetry the business report, in general, has the shape of a funnel. The hour-glass symmetry means that scientific report tries to identify a gap in existing research and fill it before broadening out again to make generalizations and conclusions based on the findings. This makes the scientific report more theoretical comparing to business report. The funnel shape in business report means that instead of making generalizations and conclusions the goal of business report is to find a solution or recommended action to a specific problem which is normally described in the executive summary. It is also possible to use recommendations in scientific report but usually only if they are referring for further research. Business report usually starts with a background description which leads to the objectives of the report. Difference in background description comparing to scientific report is that in business report it isn´t conventional to survey preexisting theories. These differences make the business report more pragmatic. Because the goal of business report is to make recommendations and therefore to...
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